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2015 Reader Favorites

Happy New Year to all of our blog readers! Rather than doing a round-up of the top read, commented on or shared blogs from quarter 4 of 2015, we’ve decided to share the top blogs from the entire year!

  1. Direct Vs Indirect Fired – This blog gives the readers insight to the difference between direct fired process heat equipment and indirectly fired equipment. The blog not only features an infographic, but also 2 diagrams; one diagram of a direct fired process air heater and one of an indirect fired air heater.
  2. Spray Dryers – This post provides a diagram of a spray drying system to illustrate where a direct or indirect air heater would be used in manufacturing. An explanation of how spray dryers work and industry applications are also given to the readers.
  3. Fluid Bed Dryers – Like the spray dryer blog, the fluid bed dryer post provides a diagram illustrating how a fluid bed system works, as well as industrial applications.

As always, thanks for following our blog! We’re looking forward to another year proving our readers with process heat industry with news, tips and information!

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