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2017 Combustion Resources

Recently, Industrial Heating Magazine published a list of 2017 Combustion Resources.

The magazine mentions several publications that focus on combustion:

  1. “Energy Management for the Metals Industry”- Written by Cynthia Belt, this book was published in early 2017 and offers specifics on how to save energy when working in the metals industry. Energy Management Program benefits, performance measures, and real world examples are provided in this publication.
  2. “Combustion Engineering” (The Second Edition)- This book provides a mix of combustion fundamentals and real life applications of the fundamentals. Highlighted in this book are furnaces, fixed-bed and fluidized-bed combustion.
  3. “The John Zinc Hamworthy Combustion Handbook”- This book is 3 volumes: fundamentals, design & operation, and applications. The “handbook” can be used as a source when facing combustion issues.
  4. “Experimental Combustion”- Intended to be used as a textbook, this publication helps readers understand combustion in order to design and develop energy-efficient and low-emission systems.
  5. “Atmosphere Heat Treatment”- This two-book series offers practical advice to anyone operating or maintaining combustion systems.

In addition to these books, don’t forget about the process heating resources we’ve blogged over the years:

  1. LinkedIn Groups for the Industrial Heating Industry:
  1. Process Heating Resources Guide:
  1. DOE Website’s Process Heating Resources:


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