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4 Reasons to Use S&B’s Combustion Services

We recently posted a new testimonial to our website featuring Gulf Chemical. In this testimonial, James Miller, I&E Superintendent, provides the reasons he continuously relies on Stelter & Brinck to keep their plant’s combustion equipment in tip-top shape. Below are 4 of the reasons:

1. Hassel-Free to Schedule

“I like to keep it simple! The burner service is hassle- free to schedule. I just pick up the phone or e-mail a service request. It’s that easy!”

2. Detailed Reports

“The detailed reports allow us to make informed decisions!”

3. S&B’s Service Technicians

“S&B’s service technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! Also, the expertise the techs provide leave us feeling confident we choose the right company to accommodate our burner needs!”

4. The Outcomes!

“Reduced downtime and less frequent tune-ups” are two of the most notable improvements Miller has seen since he’s started using S&B’s combustion services.


If you have burners in your facility, and would like to get a quote on our burner field services, feel free to contact us!


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