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Benefits to Hiring an Outside Company for Your Combustion Services

In a previous blog post, we talked about the benefits of Industrial Burner Service. But when companies are faced with the question of who to hire for their combustion services, they often have two options: to hire in-house personnel or to hire an outside company.

Rather than taking care of it in-house, below is a list of reasons why it is often times more beneficial to hire Stelter & Brinck to handle your combustion needs.

–          The time, money and effort necessary to stay educated on industry codes and standards is transferred to Stelter & Brinck

–          When hiring in-house, a company must incur the expenses of initial and on-going training, employee’s salary, and cost of benefits.

–          Performing industrial burner preventative maintenance requires expertise and experience. We deal with combustion day-in and day-out and thus, our technicians are combustion specialists with experience on types of combustion equipment. Our techs are also trained in controls, wiring and PLCs.

–          Our combustion service techs are backed by our in-house engineering department and have access to spare parts kept in-stock at our facility. Our techs even stock their vans with parts for on-site accessibility.

–          You are promptly provided with an in-depth technical report, which allows us to log your process variables and thus, spot equipment trends.

If you believe that your company could benefit from Stelter & Brinck’s combustion field services, feel free to call us at 513-367-9400 or visit our Industrial Burner Service webpage:

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