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S&B adds Process Combustion Systems to Website

We are excited to announce that we have added a page to our website featuring our process combustion systems. These systems have been featured on our website, but were previously under our general equipment. By creating a new page, we’re able to provide our website visitors with greater detail and more images of the three types of our process combustion systems:

  1. Packaged combustion systems – completely pre-pipped and pre-wired packages that consist a burner, valve train and control panel- designed to be easy-to-use and install.
    Burner, Valve Train and Control Panel

    S&B’s Packaged Combustion System

    2. Engineered valve skids – provide gas and/or oil to your system via hand selected components by our engineers.

    Engineered skidded valve train

    Skidded valve train

    3. Control Panel Systems- S&B’s control panel systems allow for safe control and use of combustion systems. For your convenience, we offer unmatched interface  capabilities and options.

    Combustion System Panel

    S&B combustion system control panel

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