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The Cost of Equipment Downtime

Preventative Maintenance (PM) sometimes takes a back seat to other issues on ever-growing “to-do” lists. For many companies, planned maintenance is often an afterthought. If you aren’t experiencing a problem, it is easy to dismiss value of the benefits gained from combustion system preventative maintenance.  This mistake may result in unpredicted downtown, which can result in the following:

–          Secondary failures and chain reactions

–          Idle production personnel

–          Higher cost of inventory

–          Lost production capability

–          Scrap and rework

–          Production overtime

–          Temporary repairs

–          Higher product costs

–          Ruined equipment

–          Frustration/ aggravation

–          Lost customers/ lost work

–          Lowered employee morale

–          Emergency parts deliveries

–          Best skills not available when needed

 Performing regular preventative maintenance will reduce downtime and its associated costs. By being pro-active about equipment maintenance, you will also move away from our society’s “repair” focused approach and will be adapting a “reliability” focused attitude. Every plant’s maintenance needs are different, but each plant should have a PM plan custom designed to be just that: “preventative”.

Stelter & Brinck offers preventative maintenance for combustion systems, known as our “Scheduled Maintenance Burner Program”. To learn more about our combustion service program, contact us at 513-919-0623 or on our website.

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