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Need to Reduce Emissions? Need to Curb Energy?

Stelter & Brinck’s Process Heat Equipment & Services Can Help Your Plant Curb Energy and Emissions!!

Manufacturing companies are increasingly focusing efforts on Energy & Emissions Management Programs to not only comply with standards and regulations, but also to save money. As part of these programs, energy and emissions goals are established and enforced by dedicated employees, whom are continually asking themselves: How can we decrease plant emissions? How can we decrease energy consumption? How can we make lasting improvements and simultaneously save the company money?

Stelter & Brinck’s process heat equipment and burner services may be the answer to the questions above for some firms; manufactures have been partnering with us in order to reduce energy and emissions, while improving their bottom line. Below are 8 different ways our products can help companies keep their Energy and Emissions Management Program on track.

  1. Combustion Services- Ensuring proper fuel to air ratio and efficient flame quality reduces energy and emissions.
  2. Combustion Services- We help keep your combustion equipment in compliance with National Fire Protection Association, FM and GAP (IRI) Codes.
  3. Combustion Services- Our detailed reports cover very technical information on each piece of your combustion equipment, which enables us the detection of performance fluctuations early.
  4. Combustion Services- Regular equipment maintenance improves profitability by reducing unexpected failures, increased up-time, improved safety and better equipment life.
  5. Oxidizers- Stelter & Brinck oxidizers, designed for emission abatement, are EPA destruction efficiency compliance guaranteed.
  6. New/ Replacement Low-Emission, Highly- Thermal Efficient Equipment – Outdated equipment or equipment parts may be out of code or using more energy than newer, more efficient technologies. If your equipment is outdated or your plant is expanding, Stelter & Brinck can design & manufacture new equipment that will meet the best available technology for low emissions and thermal efficiency.
  7. Switching from Electric to Natural Gas- We can help your save up to $15/million BTU by converting your energy source from electric to gas.
  8. Heat Recovery Systems- Stelter & Brinck’s efficient heat recovery systems can save you up to 40% on fuel over traditional systems.


Curb Emissions & Energy

Stelter & Brinck’s Products and Services Help Curb Emissions & Energy


If you’d like more information on how Stelter & Brinck can help your plant reduce energy and/or emissions, feel free to contact us: or 5139-367-9300!

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