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Industrial Air Heaters

Direct Fired Process Air Heater Types: Duct Style, Gun Style and Packaged

Direct Fired Process Air Heaters apply heat directly to the product air stream. These process heaters are used in heat treating, drying, curing, mining, printing and many other industries.

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Indirect Fired Air Heaters: Unmatched Characteristics

Does your plant have particulate laden air streams? Do you need to dry a product that is chemically sensitive? Stelter & Brinck’s Indirect Fired Air Heaters are your source for hot air!

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Indirect Fired Air Heater Utilized in Instant Coffee Manufacturing

An indirect fired air heater is used as the spray dryer’s source of hot air in order to preserve the coffee’s flavor; indirect heating does not subject the mixture to the by-products of combustion, like a direct fired air heater.

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Indirect Air Heaters in the Tobacco Industry

In order to create the “smooth” smoke taste that tobacco is known for, the spray dryer uses an indirect fired air heater as the heat source.

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