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Is Your Equipment Reliable?

Backed by our in-house engineering team, our experienced service technicians can bring your combustion equipment up to NFPA standards through the following:

Customer Success Story:


Crane Composites, global leading supplier of fiber-reinforced composites, realized that the air heaters for each of their 5 ovens were not only out of NFPA standards, but they were also shutting down unexpectedly. In order to meet their customers’ needs and maximize uptime, Bill Wirtley, Electrical Design Maintenance Supervisor, looked to S&B.


Stelter & Brinck provided the customer with air heater upgrades for all 5 oven zones. These units were custom designed to fit the customer’s available footprint.


The customer provided the following statements based on the outcome of their S&B upgrade:


“S&B’s upgrades have decreased our shutdowns and downtime by over 70%!”


“Because of S&B’s upgrades, our equipment is more reliable and we have considerably cut maintenance expenses at this plant.”


“S&B’s equipment has helped meet EPA standards”.

Direct Fired Air Heater Upgrade

Industrial Air Heater Upgrade

To get an quote on having an equipment upgrade, rebuild, retrofit or repair, please fill out our Combustion Service RFQ or call us at 513-367-9300!

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