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Looking for a Process Heat Equipment Vendor?

Are you looking for a new equipment supplier for the new year? Selecting an original equipment manufacturer for your process heat equipment can be difficult; there are many factors to take into consideration: What is the OEM’s history in the market? What type of experience do they have? Will the project go smoothly? Will it be done right, on-time? What are their terms & conditions? What value do they provide to your company? Are they easy to work with and get ahold of? Are they open and honest? Do they provide field services? … and the list goes on!

Purchasing equipment obviously isn’t a simple decision. Therefore, Stelter & Brinck has created the following simple 8 Step Project Timeline to give potential customers an idea of what to expect when working in conjunction with S&B.

Step 1: After customer places order, business terms are confirmed and process data is finalized.

Step 2: S&B engineering drawings and plans are submitted to the customer for approval.

Step 3: S&B’s AutoCad drawings are submitted to the customer for approval.

Step 4: Approved designs are put into manufacture.

Step 5: Equipment is test-fired in-house (S&B’s capabilities: up to 30 MM BTU/hr, fuel oil/ natural gas/ propane testing, mimic overseas power with in-house generator, test-fire data is logged and recorded).

Step 6: Detailed electronic instruction manual, which includes start-up/ shut-down procedures and a troubleshooting guide, is delivered to customer.

Step 7: Equipment is delivered on-time.

Step 8: S&B’s technicians install and start-up and maintain your new equipment.

Most OEM’s believe once their equipment is running in the field their job is complete. However, our goal is to deliver the best value by helping our clients to do more business more profitably. In order to meet this goal, Stelter & Brinck offers aftermarket services, so our clients can focus on their core business and rely on us for all of their combustion needs! S&B offers customers field service and parts keep your combustion operating at peak efficiency after installation and start-up.

For more information about working with us or for questions, feel free to contact us! We also have a visual representation of our 8 Step Project Timeline available!

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