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New Webpage: Afterburners

Stelter & Brinck has been designing, manufacturing and servicing Afterburners for over 55 years. Afterburners are a type of Thermal Oxidizer, often times referred to as a Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer and therefore, our Afterburners were represented on our Thermal Oxidizer webpage in the past.

In order to provide our website visitors more detailed information and pictures, we have created a new webpage dedicated solely to our Afterburners:

Afterburners are the simplest type of Thermal Oxidizer and are typically used in manufacturing where there are high concentrations of odor, VOCs, or smoke in the process air. The Afterburner raises the temperature of the industrial pollutants to the point of thermal combustion; the harmful emissions are chemically changed into harmless combustion by-products, water and carbon dioxide.

Below is a picture of a Stelter & Brinck Afterburner

Thermal Fume Afterburner

Afterburner for industrial pollution abatement.

For more information on our Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers, or Afterburners, please visit the webpage above or give us a call at 513-367-9300

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