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Custom Combustion Projects from 2016

In the image above, the project pictures include:
– A Metal Holding/Melting Pot for soft metals. This particular pot was built for holding and melting zinc in a galvanizing production line.
– A stainless steel control panel and enclosed valve train.
– A control panel and tundish lid for a metal processing company.
– A customer who came to witness his process air heater in-house test-fire at Stelter & Brinck.
– Before and after upgrade pictures of a control panel

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Thermal Oxidizer Case Study: Bondtex

Situation: Bondtex is a custom laminating company that has become well-known for their commitment to excellent quality. Bondtex ensures the highest quality products and services by employing the latest and most efficient technologies on the market. With three flame laminators and one adhesive laminator, the need for pollution control equipment arose and of course, Bondtex […]

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