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Thermal Oxidizers

When manufacturing certain products, such as cement, ceramics, glass, detergents, alcohol, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, polymers, resins, and many more, harmful pollutants called VOCs or volatile organic compounds are generated.

In order to destroy the VOCs, a thermal oxidizer is installed. Thermal Oxidizers are just one of the environmental systems Stelter & Brinck designs and manufactures. They work by drawing the VOC emissions into the oxidizers process air fan and pushed through to the heat exchanger. After being preheated by the heat exchanger, the airflow then enters the combustion zone. After being exposed to high temperatures for a predetermined time, the VOCs convert to carbon dioxide and water vapor via an exothermic reaction. The treated airstream is now considered to be clean and passes through the heat exchanger’s shell side in order to transfer heat to the contaminated inlet air stream. After passing through the shell side, the clean air then enters the atmosphere.

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