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Top 3 Blogs of Q2, 2014

It’s that time again! Time to revisit our top 3 blogs from April, May and June of 2014! Please note that these may be from any time period.

  1.  – this post provides the uses and a diagram of a spray drying system and explains where indirect and direct fired air heaters are used in conjunction with spray dryers.
  2. – In this blog, we describe the features of S&B tundish and ladle equipment, followed by a few pictures.
  3. – this post gives the reader an explanation between the technical differences of direct fired vs indirect fired equipment. An info-graphic and diagrams are also provided as visuals.

Can’t find the answers to your process heat questions? Feel free to ask us and make a suggestion as to what else you’d like to see us write about on our blog!

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