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Updated Industrial Burner/ Combustion Service Line Card

We’ve updated our Combustion Service Line Card! The new line card is two pages, rather than one. The first page provides information and pictures on our Field Service offerings, much like that of our old line card. However, the second page provides 3 categories of Combustion Field Service Benefits:

  1. Benefits of S&B’s Best Value Service
  2. Benefits of Combustion Services
  3. Benefits of Using S&B’s Technicians

The new line card provides some names of our current service customers as well as some pictures of the equipment S&B designs and manufactures. This change will:

– Demonstrate our vast experience across numerous industries

– Show customers that our field technicians are backed by in-house engineering

– Encourage service customers to look to S&B for new process heat equipment or updates to their existing equipment

– Demonstrate that S&B considers “the entire system”, not just the combustion system

To view the line card, please visit

If you’re interested in modifying your existing combustion system or scheduling service for your system’s burners, you can call us at 513-367-9300 or fill out a Combustion Service RFQ.

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