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What is Process Heat Equipment?

Heat is used in virtually all industries during manufacturing and production. “Process heating” is the technique of applying heat to raw or semi-finished goods, in order to achieve the final product.

Process heat systems are used for 4 different functions in manufacturing: generating, transferring, exchanging, or recovering heat.  There are many different types of process heat equipment that perform these functions. Some of the most popular systems are: indirect fired process air heaters, direct fired process air heaters, ovens, furnaces, dryers, kilns, heat exchangers, boilers, and heat recovery equipment.

Where is Process Heat Equipment Used?

Below is a list of applications and industries that utilize process heat equipment during manufacturing.


 Value-Added Product Areas:

S&B made some slight modifications to the list above, but the original source is: The U.S. Department of Energy.

As the list shows, process heat equipment is not only used in the production of heavy duty materials like steel, copper, and brass, but it is also used in the manufacturing of materials like glass, ceramic and petroleum, among many others.  Based on the products generated from process heat equipment, we can conclude that “process heating” has been and will be around for a long time.

Stay tuned for our next blog on and learn how to find out more information about process heating/ process heat equipment!

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