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Do you need to schedule burner services?

Does your plant’s combustion equipment need to be tuned? Are you having issues with your combustion systems? Do you have equipment that may be out of code or that may not be safe? Do you need your equipment started-up by professionals?

Stelter & Brinck’s field service department provides combustion services world-wide. We’re happy to assist you with your combustion service needs, but here are some of the basic questions we will ask before you schedule. (more…)

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What to consider when purchasing an Oxidizer

Are you in the process of looking for new or replacement oxidizer? Do you need an oxidizer to destroy your industrial emissions? Are you looking to rid your industrial air stream of foul odors? In need of an afterburner for your high opacity stream?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be unsure of where to begin and what information to collect before contacting an OEM. Below is a list of some of the basic questions Stelter & Brinck asks when customers call in with an industrial air pollution control system application. (more…)

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NEW Metals Industry Equipment Video on YouTube

Stelter & Brinck designs and manufactures a hybrid of metals industry equipment: ladle dryers/ preheaters, tundish dryers/ preheaters, scrap dryers-preheaters, aluminum sow dryers, paste heaters, and SEN/ SES preheaters. We also provide specialty equipment, combustion systems and conversions for steel and aluminum applications. To withstand tough mill conditions, our metals industry equipment is designed to be rugged, heavy-duty construction.

Below is an outline of S&B’s mill equipment: (more…)

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New Year, New (Process Heat) Beginnings!

Happy New Year! It’s time to embark on new beginnings! While most people apply this to their personal lives, it’s also the perfect time to set new business goals!

Because Stelter & Brinck is in the process heat industry, we’ve decided to come up some questions to help you “turn over a new leaf” with regards to your combustion equipment. (more…)

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