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Easy to Maintain Systems

Stelter & Brinck systems are designed to be easy to maintain- providing better equipment operation for you! But, how are the systems easy to maintain? What has Stelter & Brinck done to make the systems easier to operate? (more…)

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The Stelter & Brinck “In-House” Advantage

We take pride in handling every aspect of your project- from concept to departure- every S&B project is custom designed and manufactured, in-house, under the same roof!

Our In-House Departments that manage your projects include: (more…)

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Hoppy Easter!

Adhesive Coating Ovens Testimonial


Adhesives are used in virtually every industry- from pharmaceutical and health to business and technical products. Each application is different and thus, adhesive coating equipment must have versatile and flexible manufacturing capabilities.

When the coating line became dated at one of the most well-known adhesive manufacturing facilities, they knew upgrades were necessary in order to avoid unexpected shut-downs and to continue to meet each customer’s exact needs. (more…)

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