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NEW Catalytic Oxidizer Video on S&B’s YouTube Channel

Some manufacturing processes generate pollutants during production, which can be harmful to humans and the environment. In order to destroy the pollution emitted by manufacturers, an air pollution control system is installed, such as a catalytic oxidizer.

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Thermal Oxidizer aids Rubber Products Manufacturer in Winning an Environmental Leadership Award

Situation: Due to an increase in demand in a wide area of industries- from government and consumer to wood processing and mining- the leading manufacturer of rubber products decided to expand their Nebraska plant. The plant’s new equipment helped to increased production of the company’s many products such as conveyor belts, hydraulics, hose, and rubber […]

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Environmentally- Mindful Process Heat Equipment & Combustion Services

Today, everywhere we shop, it seems as if companies are “Going Green”; for example, stores are giving incentives for bringing re-usable bags, installing motion sensors that automatically shut off lights when they aren’t needed, and e-mailing receipts rather than printing a copy in-store. As consumers, we see companies making improvements in their tangible end-products, but […]

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NEW Thermal Oxidizer Video on YouTube

Stelter & Brinck Thermal Fume Oxidizers can be built with or without heat recovery. We design and build these oxidizers to be easy to use and install, built to codes and construction standards and with remote control interface capability. EPA destruction efficiency compliance is guaranteed on our Thermal Oxidizers.

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