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Heat Recovery Systems

In order to improve profitability and be more conscience of the environment, companies have been making efforts to reduce the amount of energy used by their facility.  One way plants can save energy is implement heat recovery systems into their process equipment.

Heat recovery systems utilize the by-product, wasted heat which is generated during a manufacturing process and reuse it by entering it back into the process. Stelter & Brinck offers heat recovery systems for the following applications:

* Industrial Furnaces: direct fired & radiant tube fired

* Industrial Ovens: direct & indirect fired, heat recovery from exhaust, better combustion systems and controls, higher eff. heat transfer on indirect units.

* Industrial Process Air or Exhaust heat recovery: Air to Air and Air to Liquid Heat Exchangers

*  Industrial Immersion: high velocity, high efficiency immersion systems (85% thermal Eff.)

* Industrial Combustion: Fuel/Gas Ratio controls, burner tuning, conversion of antiquated systems to modern high efficiency and low emission combustion systems.

* Combustion burner maintenance services- ensure equipment is running at optimal capacity.

Most heat recovery systems can account for 25% savings; but in some cases even 40% (or more) savings may be achieved. In addition, for ever 1 million BTU Stelter & Brinck saves you, you will reduce your carbon footprint by the annual energy use of 10 homes or 2 cars! In addition, heat recovery systems improve the longevity of your equipment.

Stelter & Brinck is happy to help if you believe your company could benefit from optimizing your process equipment by implementing a heat recovery system. You can call us at 513-367-9300 or visit

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