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Where is heat used in Lime Manufacturing?

In our last post, we discovered that cement manufacturing utilizes limestone. Therefore, we decided to focus on lime manufacturing this week! Originating with its earliest use as building mortar, lime has many end uses today: steel manufacturing, asphalt, plaster, sugar refining, wastewater treatment, and many others!

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Direct Fired Heating in Cement Industry

Wet cement material is fed through a kiln, which is heated via a direct fired combustion system. Read more to find out why…

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Direct Fired Vs Indirect Fired?

What is the technical difference between direct fired and indirect fired? In terms of process air heaters, what are the features, benefits and applications of direct fired vs indirect fired?

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Spray Dryers and Their Heat Source

the hot air utilized in the spray drying process is generated by an air heater. Air heaters are classified as either indirectly fired (indirect air heater) or direct fired (direct fired air heater). The type of air heater used depends upon the thermal sensitivity of the feed and thus, an indirect fired air heater is typically used for food, pharmaceuticals, dairy and other chemically sensitive products.

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