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What Type of Air Heater Do Flash Dryers Utilize?

As we mentioned last week, there are 4 main dryer systems that use process airs: rotary dryers, pneumatic/flash dryers, spray dryers, and fluidized bed dryers.

This week we will focus on pneumatic/flash dryers (we will refer to them as flash dryers). Flash dryers make up some of the largest dryers in the world! These dryers are used in processes where the feed is susceptible to quick drying; filter cakes, polymers, granules, pastes, ect. Below is a diagram of a flash drying system: (more…)

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Industrial Dryers that Use Air Heaters – Highlighting Rotary Dryers

While there are many types of dryers used in industry today, there are 4 main systems that implement indirect fired air heaters or direct fired process air heaters.  These dryers include: rotary dryers, pneumatic/flash dryers, spray dryers, and fluidized bed dryers.

Rotary Dryers


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Industrial Hot Air Generators for Dryers

Are you in need of hot air for your industrial dryer? Indirect fired or direct fired air heaters are used as a hot air generator for many types of industrial dryers.  The wet material being dried with every type of dryer determines whether the process utilizes a direct fired air heater or an indirect fired air heater; chemically sensitive products will require indirect heat.

Main Types of Dryers

The 4 main types of industrial dryers are rotary dryers, pneumatic or flash dryers, spray dryers, and fluidized bed dryers. We will discuss these dryers: we will provide a diagram, explain where an air heater is used with each, and discuss their typical product applications.


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What is Process Heat Equipment? Process Heating Applications? Resources?

What is Process Heat Equipment?

Heat is used in virtually all industries during manufacturing and production. “Process heating” is the technique of applying heat to raw or semi-finished goods, in order to achieve the final product.

Process heat systems are used for 4 different functions in manufacturing: generating, transferring, exchanging, or recovering heat.  There are many different types of process heat equipment that perform these functions. Some of the most popular systems are: indirect fired process air heaters, direct fired process air heaters, ovens, furnaces, dryers, kilns, heat exchangers, boilers, and heat recovery equipment.

Where is Process Heat Equipment Used?

Below is a list of applications and industries that utilize process heat equipment during manufacturing. (more…)

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