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USDA Compliant Indirect Air Heater Video

Does your dairy drying plant require USDA certified equipment?

Check out our YouTube video featuring our IAH-R-USDA!

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Open Service Technician Position

Stelter & Brinck’s Service Tech

Are you mechanically inclined? Do you have electrical experience? Do you like to take on responsibility? Do you enjoy the satisfaction of starting and completing a job? Can you work alone and with a group? Do you want the opportunity to provide companies such as Kraft, Nucor, Kellogg’s, and many more with combustion service? Are you a road warrior?

If so, you’d be a great candidate for Stelter & Brinck’s Field Service Technician Position!

Our Field Service Technicians enjoy the following benefits. (more…)

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Stelter & Brinck: The Best Value Process Heat Equipment Partner

If you are in the market for process heat equipment, partner with Stelter & Brinck! Our goal is to provide YOU the best value.

What does that mean? Stelter & Brinck provides the best value by implementing internal systems and practices on our end, so on your end you may do more business, more profitably for your company!

How does Stelter & Brinck provide a best value partnership? We have structured our company to simplify your capital equipment purchase process. Our hope is that by partnering with Stelter & Brinck, you will benefit from no more vendor headaches, no more micro-managing and ultimately, you will be able to confidently place your order and move onto new business!


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Do you know the difference between direct fired and indirect fired air heaters?

Our latest YouTube video explains the difference between direct fired and indirect fired air heaters. This two minute video will educate you on basic differences and benefits each system.  Watch the video and then quiz yourself on the difference between direct and indirect fired air heaters with the questions below!


Which air heater would you use? (more…)

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