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We started as a manufacturer’s representative and evolved into an OEM of top-of-the-line process heat equipment.

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Industrial Air Heater Vs. HVAC Air Handler

Industrial air heaters and HVAC handling systems can both be direct fired or indirect fired to provide heated air. Direct fired units force air through a burner, the air mixes with gas, and the burner fires with the airflow. The indirect fired heaters fire a burner into a heat exchanger.

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Our Process Heat Equipment is Easy to Maintain!

Purchasing process heat equipment? Deciding between custom equipment or a “one-size-fits-all” system? Before you purchase, you’ll want to consider maintenance costs and time.

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Thermal Oxidizer vs Catalytic Oxidizer Applications

Oxidizers are used in the following industries: Adhesives, Sealants, Aluminum & Steel Manufacturing, Asphalt, Bakeries, Chemical Plants, Coating Processes, Food Processing, Oil & Petrochemical Manufacturing, Plastics & Polymer Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper Manufacturing, Textile Finishing, Wastewater Treatment, Wood Fired Boilers, Electronic Part Manufacturing, Wood Products Manufacturing and many more industries.

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