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What is Process Heat Equipment? Process Heating Applications? Resources?

What is Process Heat Equipment? Heat is used in virtually all industries during manufacturing and production. “Process heating” is the technique of applying heat to raw or semi-finished goods, in order to achieve the final product. Process heat systems are used for 4 different functions in manufacturing: generating, transferring, exchanging, or recovering heat.  There are […]

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Equipment Breakdown Facts and Figures (Infographic)

As you can see from the infographic above, according to FM Global, losses claimed due to equipment breakdown have increased since 2013, especially in the pulp & paper, chemical, electric utility & mining industries!

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Now is the Time to Switch from Electric to Natural Gas! has verified the Henry Hub Spot Price prediction claiming, “Natural Gas Prices Could Fall Further”. In addition, CNN Money believes that natural gas will be the “Fuel of the future”.

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Environmentally- Mindful Process Heat Equipment & Combustion Services

Today, everywhere we shop, it seems as if companies are “Going Green”; for example, stores are giving incentives for bringing re-usable bags, installing motion sensors that automatically shut off lights when they aren’t needed, and e-mailing receipts rather than printing a copy in-store. As consumers, we see companies making improvements in their tangible end-products, but […]

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