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SEN Preheater / SES Preheater

Stelter & Brinck Submerged Entry Nozzle (SEN) or Submerged Entry Shroud (SES) Preheaters uniformly preheat multiple tundish nozzles, prior to being exposed to molten metal. Stelter & Brinck’s SEN / SES equipment includes:

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9 Reasons to Choose S&B’s Industrial Burner Service Technicians

When looking for a technician to service your plant’s industrial combustion equipment, there are some important factors to keep in mind: knowledge, experience, availability, and access to spare and/or replacement parts. Not only do Stelter & Brinck’s industrial burner service technicians have all of the qualities mentioned above, but they can also provide your plant […]

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Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Air Heaters

Common applications of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Air Heaters are utility boilers, industrial boilers, tail-end SCR power plant systems, and many more. Stelter & Brinck’s SCR Heaters can be used for the following two purposes: A Start-Up Heater: prevent low temperature corrosion during boiler start-up. A Post-Heater (also known as Reheater, Flue Gas Heater, SCR […]

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Process Air Heaters – Brief Overview

Stelter & Brinck designs and manufactures 4 types of air heaters: Indirect Fired, Duct, Packaged, and Gun Style. The Duct, Packaged and Gun Style units are all direct-fired process air heaters. Each of the 4 styles of heaters is custom designed for your application and available in different models. 1. Indirect Fired Air Heater is […]

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