Stelter & Brinck Direct Fired Air Heaters
Stelter & Brinck Direct Fired Air Heaters
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Combustion System Air-Lift Installation Air Lift of Combustion System, Installed by Stelter & Brinck
Combustion or Burner System Equipment Installation Combustion Equipment Installation - Stelter & Brinck
Nation-Wide Process Heat Equipment Installation Process Heat Equipment Installation
Combustion Equipment or Burner System Start-up Combustion Equipment or Burner System Start-up by S&B
Industrial Oven Start-Up Combustion Equipment Start-Up

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Regardless of your location, we can start-up or recommission your new or current process heating equipment.

Our equipment start-up and/ or recommissioning services not only allow you to adhere to strict deadlines, but correctly handling an equipment start-up can positively impact the productivity of your industrial combustion system.

Our field service technicians have started various brands of burners and controls; Stelter & Brinck doesn’t have to be the combustion equipment manufacturer for us to preform your start-up or recommission.

Start-up & Recommissioning RFQ

“The S&B technician was quick with the start-up; the speed at which he got our equipment started was remarkable! The tech was friendly, very knowledgeable and his work was outstanding” – Project & Maintenance Manager, A Corn Milling Company

“S&B’s service technicians are very easy to work with and take care of us- they make our problems their problems- they address all of our concerns before leaving.” - Vice President, A Refractory Company