Stelter & Brinck Direct Fired Air Heaters
Stelter & Brinck Direct Fired Air Heaters
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Duct Air Heater- Direct Fired Air Heater Industrial Duct Gas Fired Process Air Heater
Direct Gas-Fired Gun Style Air Heater High Temperature Direct Fired Air Heater
Natural Gas Direct Fired Air Heater Industrial Packaged Air Heater
Hot air generator for industrial processes- stainless Stainless Steel Process Air Heater

Stelter & Brinck designs and manufactures 3 models of oil-fired or gas-fired direct process air heaters: packaged, duct and gun style. Any of our air heaters can be build in a low-emissions model.

As their name suggests, direct fired air heaters apply heat directly to the product air stream. These heaters are used when a hot air source is needed for applications that are not senstive to the by-products of combustion: drying, heat treating, sand or clay processing, printing or coating, cement production, compostite curing, fertilizer production, and much more! Regardless of the application, we have a direct fired air heater to fit your process needs.

Packaged Air Heaters (PBB)

Our PBB direct fired air heaters are complete packages and include a burner as well as a process supply blower and control panel. Each heater is pre-piped and pre-wired with flame safety controls, process temperature controls, and motor starters or a variable frequency drive.

Duct Type Air Heater (AHD)

The AHD air heaters, both fresh air and recirculating air models, are designed to be inserted right into your process ductwork. The burner in our duct units use the oxygen present in the process air stream for combustion, eliminating the need for an additional combustion air source. The recirculating model, the AHDR, is designed for process streams with low oxygen content and features a combustion blower.

Gun Style Air Heater (AHG)

Our gun style air heaters are ideal for process air streams with low oxygen content or entrained dirt and which require larger mass flows, higher temperatures, fuel oil operation or any combunation thereof. The AHG unit is available in gas only, oil only, or combination gas/oil firing configuration and with low-emission burners, depending upon your needs.