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  • Thermal Fume Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger Thermal Oxidizer with Heat Recovery
  • Abatement of Industrial Pollution via Afterburner Afterburner- Thermal Oxidizer for Industrial Pollution
  • Catalytic Oxidizer- Air Pollution Solution Catalytic Oxidizer- Air Pollution Control Equipment
  • Thermal Oxidizers, Thermal Afterburners or Catalytic Oxidizers destroy HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutions), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odors from industrial air streams. Stelter & Brinck can design an industrial air pollution control system to fit your emission destruction needs.

    Thermal Fume Oxidizer (TFO)

    The Thermal Oxidizer is a type of air pollution control system that destroys industrial emissions entrained in a process air stream. The emissions are drawn into the thermal oxidizer's process fan. The fan then discharges the resultant airflow into the oxidizer's heat exchanger. The airflow is preheated through the tube side of the heat exchanger and then enters the combustion section. The HAPs/ VOCs and air mixture are uniformly exposed to the conversion temperature for the required residence time. The conversion of the pollutants to carbon dioxide and water in their vapour phases occurs under these conditions via an exothermic reaction. The heated airflow is now clean and passes through the shell side of the heat exchanger where heat is transferred from the clean stream to the contaminated inlet stream. The heat exchanger helps to keep fuel consumption at a minimum. The clean air, after passing through the heat exchanger's shell side, enters the exhaust plenum to the atmosphere.


    Afterburners, or Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers, are ideal for high opacity air streams containing smoke and strong odors. Lower process airflows and high temperature airflows are candidates for HAP & VOC removal with an afterburner. When looking for an air pollution solution, the afterburner provides for the lowest capital investment.

    Catalytic Fume Oxidizer (CFO)

    If your VOC laden airstream is free of potential catalyst fouling agents or poisons, our Catalytic Oxidizers are your number one option for VOC abatement equipment. Our catalytic fume oxidizers use a noble metal catalyst monolith to destroy the VOC fumes. Because the catalytic pollution control system uses a lower temperature air stream for effective VOC destruction, the unit uses less fuel and lowers the associate operating costs. Our catalytic oxidizers are standard with heat recovery to preheat the incoming VOC air stream, which further reduces energy costs. Secondary heat recovery is available to provide hot air for use elsewhere in the process or facility.