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Stelter & Brinck Sow Dryer Installed Sow Dryer Installed at Customer's Plant
Ladle Preheater- Tilt Style Tilt-Style Ladle Preheater- Installed
Tilt Style Tundish Preheaters Tundish Preheaters Installed (Tilt-Style)
SAF Electrode Heater Electrode Heater for Submerged Arc Furnaces
Scrap Preheater/ Dryer Scrap Preheater/ Dryer

Stelter & Brinck, Ltd. designs and manufactures heavy-duty combustion equipment for the aluminum and steel industry. Our preheaters and dryers provide consistent and reliable performance in tough mill conditions.

Ladle Dryers/ Dryer-Preheaters/ Preheaters

Our ladle preheaters and dryers are offered in many configurations to fit your production requirements. You can choose from horizontal or vertical firing arrangements, lift-off/ portable units or tilt-style units. Low emissions option is available. Actuation of the tilt unit can be by hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, or even a winch with cable system.

Each unit is prepiped and prewired with flame safety controls, process temperature controls, and actuation of the unit is as simple as pushing a button. All units are test fired in our production facility before shipment.

Tundish Dryers/ Dryer-Preheaters/ Preheaters

Our ladle preheaters and dryers are designed to provide fast, even drying. Horizontal wall firing arrangements, lift-off/ portable units or tilt-style units are available.

Standard units fire on natural gas, but other fuel options are available. Our mill equipment is designed to be easy to use and install; packaged with air heater burners and controls, arrives on-site prewired, pre-piped and having been test fired at Stelter & Brinck.

Scrap Preheaters and Dryers

Stelter & Brinck, Ltd. scrap preheaters both dry and preheat at the same time. These units are designed to fit on top of material conveyors and weigh feeders intended for use with preheating. The units are completely self contained and feature high turn down, high velocity burner systems to provide high air flow rates for drying and high energy to drive the heat into the load. Stelter & Brinck scrap preheaters produce a dry charge for your melter and increased throughput by supplying a hot charge for melting.

Aluminum Sow Dryers

Our aluminum sow dryers are the convenient way to dry and preheat your aluminium sows prior to melt. Each unit is prepiped and prewired and complete with flame safety controls and process controls. Each unit is test fired in our production facility prior to shipment. These completely self contained units are designed around your process and sized for the sows you use everyday.

Paste Heaters

Our Paste Heaters are designed to preheat your Submerged Arc Furnace electrodes. These gas-fired systems reduce or eliminate electrode voids/ breaks and furnace shut-downs, and minimize paste consumption. S&B's internal test-firing program, in combination with our packaged design of these systems, reduces install & start-up time and makes them easy to use & maintain.

SEN Preheaters / SES Preheaters

Our Submerged Entry Nozzle (or Shroud) Preheaters feature cast refractory nozzle holders and are designed to fit your geometry and temperature requirements. These systems provide uniform tundish nozzle preheating and are built to your construction standard requirements. Each unit features controls, a combustion blower, high turn down and a valve train. Our SEN/ SES Preheaters are easy to use, install, maintain, and have easy access to all parts. Our Preheaters are test fired in-house before shipment.