Stelter & Brinck Industrial Process Air Heaters
Stelter & Brinck Industrial Process Air Heaters
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Gas Fired Direct Duct Air Heaters Duct Air Heaters
Indirect Fired Air Heater- Low Emissions Indirect Air Heater - Low Emission
Process Air Heater Process Air Heater - Duct Style (Recirculating)
Industrial Air Heater (Gas-Fired) Industrial Air Heater - Gun Style

Custom designed and manufactured process and industrial air heaters; indirect or direct fired. A low-emissions option is available for all of our industrial process air heaters. We have a fuel-fired heater to fit your process heating needs.

Indirect Fired Air Heaters (IAH)

Our indirect air heaters are used where no contamination of the industrial process stream by the products of combustion is desired. Available in medium or high efficiencies, our Indirect Fired Air Heater is a prepiped, prewired, packaged unit complete with hot side blowers, burner, integral heat exchanger, and process controls.

Duct Type Air Heater (AHD)

The AHD offers the most cost effective solution to your process air heating needs. These direct-fired industrial duct air heaters are designed to fit in the process ductwork. Because our AHD duct heater uses the process air stream for combustion air, there is no need for a separate combustion air blower saving both capital and operating costs.

Duct Type Air Heater (AHD-R)

Similar in design to the AHD, the AHD-R is also direct-fired air heater designed to fit in the process ductwork; however, the AHD-R industrial heater uses an external combustion blower for combustion air. The external combustion air blower allows a duct mounted type burner to be used in a recirculated or low oxygen air stream.

Packaged Air Heaters (PBB)

Our PBB direct air heaters are complete with burner, blower, flame safety controls, process temperature controls, and motor starters. Each process air heater is prepiped, prewired and test fired at design capacity; the user need only set the equipment in place and connect utilities at the single connection point and it is ready for startup.

Gun Style Air Heater (AHG)

Our gun style air heaters are in excellent choice for industrial heating recirculated or dirty airstreams. Gun style units utilize an external combustion blower providing a source of fresh combustion air and the flexibility of a wide turndown. The direct-fired AGH air heaters are offered in a variety of trim levels ranging from a basic combustion system to a fully packaged process air heater.